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What is the case to choose a blast drying oven or a blastless drying oven?

Many customers in the purchase of ovens, will have a question, whether they should buy a blast drying oven, or blastless drying oven? Which one is more suitable for you? With these questions, Kenton laboratory is here to answer the question for you.
Customer cases.
1. Water-based acrylic coating   
2. The way is scraping coating
3. The drying way is hot air blowing dry, blowing dry process, the coating will start to appear about 1mm length of irregular small cracks.
Change to oven drying (no obvious convection wind), the appearance is normal.
The coating holds water insufficiently, after encountering the hot convection wind, the local heating is too fast and the water evaporates too fast causing the coating to crack. The actual operation of the blowerless oven, without obvious convection drying efficiency is too low, but this can avoid cracking.
To sum up, the blast drying oven uses the oven blast circulation to drive the air flow to achieve the drying purpose, constantly inhaling the air outside the oven and discharging the humid air inside the working chamber, and the drying efficiency is higher than that of the electric constant temperature drying oven.
Blastless drying is suitable for drying tiny dust-like items, while blast drying oven is not.

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