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Constant temperature air drying oven custom - Kenton instrument

Kenton laboratory manufacturer's main business: drying oven, oven, industrial oven, muffle furnace, high temperature oven, and various non-standard products. In addition, there are 500℃ high temperature drying ovens. The size of the working chamber usually has more than ten kinds of specifications, which can be designed and ordered according to the needs of different specifications. Ovens are commonly used equipment, ovens are used for heating and curing, drying and dehydration of materials in chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry and other industries.
Hot air circulation oven air circulation system adopts blower circulation air supply method, wind circulation uniform and efficient. When the switch door work caused by the temperature value swing, air supply circulation system quickly resume work until the set temperature value.
Inner liner material, the oven is composed of stainless steel plate and galvanized plate.
The insulation layer is filled by rock wool, which ensures the heat preservation of the oven and its effectiveness in industry.
The heater is installed at the bottom, top or both sides.
The temperature of the oven :
Hot air circulating ovens have a wide range of applications and can dry a variety of industrial materials, and are general purpose drying equipment with general hot air circulation.
Ring oven temperature range is room temperature ~ +250℃, high temperature type is room temperature ~ +500℃.
Guangzhou Kenton laboratory accept drying oven custom-made, can exchange agents to join, constant temperature blast oven custom, incubator and other custom can oh. Contact see website contact.

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