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Vacuum Drying Oven-KZ

Main feature

●designed for drying heat-sensitive and easily oxidized substances, especially suitable for powder or granular samples, and effectively reduce the drying time, which is used in biopharmaceutical, medical utilities, agricultural research and other fields

Price:$ 1344model:

Kenton products enjoy 2 year warranty,long-life technolog support and maintance.
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  • ALLHEAT™ Cavity Warm-up Technology

    ●ALLHEATTM the advanced cavity preheat technology is the heating elements evenly distributed around the tank, the pre-heating of the cavity inner wall, and then through the heat transfer and forced-fan convection, so that the cavity temperature of every point can be accurately achieve and maintain settings, thus ensuring uniform distribution of cavity temperature;
    ●With ALLHEATTM series products because uniform distribution of heat, so low energy consumption, heat not easily lost, and enables customers to use cost reduction.

    S.H-Transfer™ Shelf Heating Transfer Technology

    ●Leading international record S.H-TransferTM shelf heat transfer technology, increase effective contact area between shelf and cavity heating chamber, shelf temperature and cavity heating chamber temperature consistent. S.H-TransferTM shelf heat transfer technology, successfully resolved problem reduced heat transfer under vacuum, so that sample be the most direct and optimized heat transfer.

    ALLSENSTM Programmable PID Control

    ●Integrated, dot-matrix LCD display, Chinese and English subtitles, design for the highest operational comfort.
    ●User-friendly design. Display parameters: temperature, humidity, cycle, run time, run/stop.
    ●Adaptive PID controller precisely control the temperature and humidity, prevent temperature soaring, keep working room temperature stable and uniformity.
    ●User password protection, built-in multifunctional memory menu, connect to multiple devices (up to 16 units), real-time monitoring.
    ●Programmable multi-sections control, to meet customer needs, temperature and humidity control up to 30 sets. Time setting:0-99h,0-9999m,programs can be executed automatically cycles.
    ●Set operations with beep tips.
    ●Can use the remote control of computer software, professional supporting the operation ALLSENSTM programmable software (optional).

    Pro-InsulationTM Isolation Insulation Technology

    ●Based on the effective use of heat as a concept, use complete isolation design between the liner and shell to avoid energy loss due to heat transfer.
    ●Imports of high-density thermal insulation material wrapped liner, Based on the effective use of heat as a concept, use complete isolation design between the liner and shell to avoid energy loss due to heat transfer.
    ●Silicone door seal, isolation type hinge design, with the door handles, belt fastening to ensure tightness.

    Excellent Imported Sensor

    ●Imported industrial sensor PT100, short response time, and low self-heating temperature.
    ●Imported pressure sensor, to provide accurate pressure value, between provide an effective guarantee for vacuum stability control (limited to KZ-G series with the series).

    Ergonomic Design

    ●Laboratory of classical color design, international fashion design, arc-shaped design, for highest operational comfort.
    ●Integrated design that contains original outside handle and LCD screen, ergonomic structure, comfortable viewing angle, convenient to open the outside door and operate interface.
    ●Interval and number of mesh shelf can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Maximum capacity to meet customer needs.
    ●Comfortable vertical structure, maximize work chamber, working room in the upper, convenient to take.
    ●Double door design, easy observation samples, keep temperature stability, with bell-type lighting system.

    Modern Manufacturing Processes

    ●Sheet metal parts use laser cutting and CNC bending technology. Cold-rolled sheets use three line of acidification anti-rust technology. Incubator surface use workmanship of spraying plastics.

    Easy To Clean

    ●Internal surface is smooth and less weld, easy cleaning and maintenance.
    ●Pull multilayer shelf design, less metal accessories, easy to clean.

    Convenient Maintenance

    ●Liquid crystal micro-computer controller with diagnostic function. display operating parameters including historical record, temperature and humidity data.
    ●Cavity with SUS304 stainless steel material, good corrosion resistance and durability;.
    ●Electrical control components and working room are installed separately. installed on the top of incubator, easy to maintenance.

    Secure And Efficient Protection Concept

    ●Multiple over-temperature protection, audible and visual alarm to remind customers
    ●Automatic double over temperature protection function.
    ●All electronic components are UL certified.
    ●All over temperature protection devices meet Germany standard DIN standard D12880 Class 3.1.
    ●Observation window using explosion-proof, tempered glass for double protection, improve safety operating personnel.
    ●With flexible suspension, anti-pressure protection device in the door frame to avoid debris damage operator due to pressure or rupture.

    Technical parameters

    product model ALLIGENT-KZ Vacuum Oven ALLIGENT-KZG Vacuum Oven  (High-end configuration
      KZ-23 KZ-50 KZ-23G KZ-50G
    Convection Mode Natural convection(Activities clapboard thermal conductivity)
    Control System 10segment programmable microcomputer PID intelligent automatic control system
    Degree of vacuum display Pointer display Digital display
    Vacuum degree control  Manual control Electronic automatic control
    Temp. Range   (℃) RT+5℃~250℃
    Temperature resolution(℃) ±1 ±0.1
    Temp. Fluctuation
    (℃)(In the range of RT+10℃~240℃)
    ±1 ±0.5
    Timer Range 0~99h,or 0~9999min,can be choose
    Working environment Ambient temperature:10~30℃, Humidity<70%
    Insulation materials Imported environmental protection type material
    External Dimensions
    695×545×480 783×635×550 695×545×480 783×635×550
    Internal Dimensions
    285×258×315 375×348×385 285×258×315 375×348×385
    Interior Volume  (L) 23 50 23 50
    Interior steel materials SUS304 stainless steel inner
    The number of standard tray 2
    Power(W) 800 1200 850 1250
    Supply voltage 220V/50Hz
    Net weight (KG) 33 68 35 70
    Shipping weight(KG) 35 71 38 73
    Packing size(mm)
    820×625×600 900×715×670 820×625×600 900×715×670

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  • 3.ALLSENSTM software;
  • 4.Vacuum pump.
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