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What to pay attention to the selection of purification bench?

   Many people will tell you that we are using efficient air filter This is an interesting word game, because the definition of high efficiency air filters in different countries and standards are different, and even test methods are quite different, so it is best not to high-efficiency air The concept of a filter equates to the true filter efficiency of a filter. The supplier may be required to provide filter efficiency data similar to those of a filter with a greater micron particle filtration efficiency. The smaller the particle size, the higher the filtration efficiency, the better the filter performance. It is noteworthy that the commonly used test method in the world is photon counting France, while the domestic common test method is sodium flame method.
   Purification table purchase, the quotation is an important factor. However, if you consider the purchase of ultra-clean table is a long-term use of equipment, maintenance and repair costs are higher. So the full life cost of the product should be taken into account. Clean bench here has a prominent feature, its air filter is a loss of goods, the use of dust on the filter surface will accumulate, resulting in increased wind resistance, and finally scrapped the filter, so the system failure. Purification bench purchase Once this phenomenon occurs high-end products will immediately alert you, but you can not know whether the middle and low-grade products have the same problem whether you know what to spend more money to buy a replacement filter is Trouble and money, so most of the high-end products to extend the use of filters.

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