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CO2 incubator and the importance of technicians

  Manufacturers of carbon dioxide incubators have devised a variety of different devices to reduce and prevent the occurrence of pollution, mainly the improvement of anti-pollution design and disinfection and sterilization systems to achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization. Such as CO2 incubator with ultraviolet disinfection function, CO2 incubator with HEPA filter and CO2 incubator with high temperature sterilization, the latter is divided into two categories of high temperature dry heat and high temperature hot and humid. The sterilizing ability of these devices have their advantages and disadvantages, UV disinfection range is limited, the farther away from the lamp, the poorer the disinfection. HEPA filters filter membrane pore size is limited, can not remove the virus and some small bacteria, and easy to wear, but also has its limitations. In contrast, high temperature disinfection is a more effective method. The high temperature dry heat and high temperature hot and humid are also different, due to the steam latent heat, penetrating power, easy to make protein denaturation or coagulation, so hot and humid sterilization efficiency than dry heat sterilization method.
  Human factors and attitudes can have a positive or negative impact on the environment, people and things. For safety purposes, laboratory staff should understand their own attitudes and human factors on the experimental environment. therefore,
  Professional training of laboratory staff, especially into the pre-laboratory training, and regular examination is very necessary.

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