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How to simulate the natural climate

   Constant temperature and humidity box is to simulate the temperature of the natural climate, such as the tropical perennial temperature of 40 ℃ or more, and the Antarctic or Russia and other countries around the perennial temperature of -40 degrees or even lower, we want to test the product heat and cold For example, if you want to know if the phone can talk when the phone is very hot or cold, set the corresponding temperature in our high and low temperature box to simulate this kind of climate.
    In this case, the inside of the box is generally augmented by a diffusion to a relative humidity in a constant temperature and humidity chamber to which air pressure is added, and it also appears that in addition, during humidification, the system does not increase An extra calorie Or ask a point when the temperature of a spray water dehumidification role. Then the humidity is the main switch to control the water a regulatory role, so early on the use of steam humidification and shallow water dish humidification, then its control process is relatively long, but also more suitable for the system less stable humidity.
    It is known from the nature of vapor pressure saturation that a saturated pressure of water vapor is generally only a function of temperature, however it is not related to the pressure of an air at which water vapor can be located. Wherein it has been used in large quantities, its function is used. Humidification at the same time a process is actually to increase water vapor pressure, the initial way is to humidify the humidifier incubator wall spray water, by controlling the water temperature to control the water surface saturation pressure.

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