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strengthen the protection and maintenance of CO2 incubator

   The use of the incubator is simple, but it also requires a standard operation. The cells must be in lab coats, slippers or disposable shoe covers. The experimental operation must bring disposable gloves, especially before opening the incubator, must first spray the hands with 75% of the alcohol spray bottle before opening the incubator, then take out the cell culture bottle or culture plate. When you look at a cell culture bottle or a culture plate under a microscope, you can also use alcohol to sterilize it when you put it back in the incubator. The two door switches of the incubator should be fast and not open for a long time, otherwise it will affect the concentration, temperature and humidity of CO2 and cause pollution. In particular, don't forget to close the lining of the glass door. Remember to open the door not to speak to the incubator, to breathe or even sneeze.
   Strengthen the protection: if the experimental person is sick and carry the germs, should wear the mask to reenter the cell room, the disease is serious not suitable to carry out the experiment. In the female gay experiment, hair should be combed to prevent the occurrence of dandruff pollution and joint events. If laboratory conditions permit, each person may wear the test cap, gloves, and mask to prevent contamination of the incubator and their own protection against the experimenter.
   Pay attention to maintenance: carbon dioxide incubator put in cell room, needs to keep dry, indoor environment temperature should not exceed 30 ℃. The CO2 incubator is placed away from doors and Windows, heating equipment and air conditioning ducts, and cannot be directly exposed to the sun. The placement table of the incubator must be horizontal and non-flammable. It can't rely on the wall or similar buildings, and the next part of the unit will have at least 30cm of space. Once placed, do not move.

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