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The use workflow of hot air oven

Drum wind drying oven before use preparation: check each part of circuit, the instrument is normal, place objects needed for drying, when placed around must set aside enough space, let the air is good for circulation. This effect on drying, water evaporation has great help.
Power supply and fan switch. At this time, the power indicator lights and the motor runs. The thermostat shows that after the process of "self-inspection", the PV screen should display the measuring temperature in the working room. The SV screen should display the setting temperature that needs to be dried in use, and the thermostatic hot air oven will enter the working state. In the boot process in the domestic fan drum wind drying oven switch must be open, or the temperature in the cabinet will be uneven, not by hot air circulation fan, can produce great influence to the homogeneous degree of the machine.
The thermostat drying oven is finished. If you need to replace the dry goods, switch off the fan switch before opening the door to prevent the drying from being blown off; After replacing the dried items (note: when taking out the dryer, millions of children should be careful with scalding), close the door, and then turn on the fan switch, so that the drying box will enter the drying process again; If you do not continue to dry, turn off the power switch, cool to room temperature and remove dry items. Close the door. If long time don't use so we want to blast after constant temperature drying box box to wipe clean, in a relatively dry environment, had better use plastic bag to cover up, keep the machine dry, lest machine line be affected with damp be affected with damp, resulting in failure.

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