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How to avoid the pollution of co2 incubator

In living organisms, the organism has its own immune system to protect cells or tissues, but in vitro culture, there is no protective barrier. For the basic parameter temperature, CO2 and humidity of CO2 culture box, most CO2 incubator can satisfy the need of research experiment. However, in view of the face in the process of cultivation of various pollution sources, each brand incubator of two oxygen control mode and the effect is not the same, so the biggest threat to the cell in vitro culture is, in fact, the problem of pollution.

The main pollutants in the carbon dioxide incubator: bacteria, fungi, viruses, mycoplasma, and non-homocyte.
Ideal for cell culture is also suitable for the survival of these pollutants, incubator itself will not identify, and most of the time in cell culture cells are located in the incubator, incubator can the casing bacteriostatic or sterilization is the key!
Bacteria: after bacterial contamination, medium 1-2 days will change color, effect on cell growth, pollution will be quickly cell and other cell lines, discarded after sterilization, but also with laboratory disinfectant petri and super clean. Virus: due to the parasitic survival of the virus, it can be isolated from normal cells as soon as possible after the outbreak, discarding treatment, which is relatively easy to deal with, and has a greater threat to operators. Although the cells of the virus do not affect the primary culture, it is not safe to produce vaccines.
Therefore, the potential virus is a difficult problem in the production and production of a large number of biological products such as vaccine and interferon. Fungi: fungi grow slowly, not as easily as bacteria, but once they are found, they are contaminated. There is currently no good method of suppression, including the commonly used amphotericin, once the pollution is prone to repeated outbreaks, especially spores are hard to kill.

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