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Is there any difference between electric oven and hot air oven?

The difference between the thermostatic drying oven and the drying oven is that the thermostatic drying oven and the electric hot air drying oven can achieve the thermostatic effect. The electric heating and temperature drying oven is the heater distribution in the three sides of the tank, which is heated through three sides, so that the temperature in the box reaches the set constant temperature, and the average temperature is about 3.5 percent.
In drum wind Hot air oven at the same time through the fan in the produce air circulation in the oven, make indoor temperature more even, temperature uniformity in commonly 2.5%, than the electrothermal constant temperature oven effect is good. The thermostatic drying oven is suitable for the drying of small dust, and the drying oven is not suitable. The drying chamber of electric heating drum is in the hot air circulation while continuously inhaling the air out of the box, and the wet air in the working room side by side. The drying efficiency is higher than that of the thermostatic drying oven.
Constant temperature drying oven is not blowing device, so its heating pipe is located in the casing, facilitate better heat transfer, as much as possible to solve the temperature uneven phenomenon, its characteristic is the price is relatively cheap, for the temperature requirements is not high friend can use.
Because the electrothermal constant temperature oven, however, does not have function of blast, all for the small box, consider the price friend can choose, but for body size is too large. We recommend that selects the drum wind drying oven . Otherwise, it could affect our experimental operation.

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