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What are the rules for safe operation of hot air oven

1. The operation personnel of the drying equipment must be trained professionally and be familiar with the working principle of the equipment.

2. No flammable and explosive items can be placed in the box. Otherwise, industrial disasters and personnel accidents may be caused.
3. Please do not place any items on the top of the machine to avoid the heat dissipation of the machine.
4. Before the product of hot air oven, confirm whether the equipment is normal and the process parameters (such as drying temperature and drying time) are set correctly to avoid baking bad products.
When putting material into the box, wear protective gloves to avoid scalding.
6. During the use of hot air drying oven, the staff must be present to avoid any accidents.
7. Keep the box clean and maintain regularly. The total power supply should be turned off when maintenance.

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