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Operation procedures of electrode in hot air oven

1.After the drying oven is placed in proper position, the grounding line of the chassis should be connected first, and the door of the oven shall be locked tightly.

2. Install thermoelectric coupler and install the thermoelectric coupling, which should be insulated from the drying oven shell to prevent the thermoelectric coupler short circuit and break.

3, press the start button will XMTA digital display temperature control instrument set value on the good choice, set the toggle switch to the first position, then on the potentiometer, and display of data is set temperature, set out again with the toggle switch to the measuring position, the display value equals the baking temperature.
4. When adjusting the time of breaking the electrical equipment, it is necessary to set the constant temperature time on the dial of the relay. When the time relay is in the power, do not adjust the time scale.
5. To dry the electrode, should be placed evenly in each drawer.
6. When the welding rod is installed in a hot air oven, the power supply must be cut off to ensure the safety of the operator.
7.After downtime, must be cooled to furnace temperature below 150 ℃, can blow-in, take out the baking electrode.

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