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which aspects should be paid attention to about the use of hot air oven

1. There is no humidity in the meter.
2. Whether the connecting line is off or not.
3. Whether the solid parts and connectors are loose.
4. The power end should be equipped with air switch or knife, check the voltage and adjust the current size.

5 according to the total power, connect the power cord of the corresponding specification, and install the ground wire.
6. In order to ensure the safety of the person, the welding electrode must be carried out when the furnace has not been warmed.
7. hot air oven temperature > 180 ℃ is unfavorable and the door is opened, so as to avoid the heat in the oven when opening the door outside blunt injury or damage the instrument.
8. The oven must be kept clean to ensure the reliability of electrical control and the normal use of industrial oven.
9. Prior to use, you must read the instructions carefully and the accompanying instrument instructions and check for occasional failures during transportation and storage.

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