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What are the designs of the industrial oven control system

With the development of society, the ability of people to transform nature is constantly improving. The birth of the machine has reduced some or all of our mental and physical labor. The birth of electronic technology has brought about earth-shaking changes. The electromechanical control system has become the common key technology for the integration of mechanical technology and microelectronics technology. Through it, people can make machines perform exactly as they wish.
With the development of electromechanical control technology, it mainly reflects the control mode of SCM and PLC. This design is controlled by single chip microcomputer. The application of SCM in daily life is more and more extensive. Temperature control is frequently encountered in industrial oven production. From petrochemical to electricity production, from metallurgy to building materials, from food to mechanical to control temperature. Even in some temperature control in the production process directly affects the quality of the products. SCM temperature control plays an important role in both present and future.
The temperature control system of an industrial oven price consists of two parts: the hardware part and the software part. The hardware part includes: single chip microcomputer circuit, sensor circuit, amplifier circuit, converter circuit, and keyboard and display circuit. The software includes the main program, the operation control program, and the program of each function implementation module. At last, this paper summarizes the design. Some Suggestions on the development of temperature control system are put forward.

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