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Can hot air oven temperature overshoot be controlled

Too much hot air drying oven temperature overshoot is switched on for the first time, after more than 3 ℃ temperature more than set temperature, and then slowly to reduce and stabilize the target temperature on the phenomenon. Some pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, food, electronics and other industries are more sensitive to this phenomenon.
It's impossible to completely eliminate the temperature overshoot. There is a way to make temperature overshoot to an acceptable level. There are several options for users who have previously purchased products:
1.One or two paragraph speed temperature control temperature control instrument temperature setting from the first need to 5 to 10 ℃ temperature difference (specific difference how many suitable, the user can according to the time of the environment temperature and how much of the product), stability and then to the desired temperature reset the meter on the target temperature.
2. The empty box is the first empty box to raise the temperature of the studio to the desired drying temperature, and then quickly put the samples into the studio. This method should be careful to protect the operator from scalding. More attention should be paid to the new dangers that may arise due to the volatile volatiles of the baked goods. Hot air oven is used to test and determine the electrician, electronics and other products and the temperature of the material for high temperature test environment parameter and the performance after the change, also can be used in electronic products and spare parts, metal products, plastic products such as dry and high temperature baking, aerospace, automotive, home appliances, laboratory and scientific research in areas such as the necessary test equipment.

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