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Is it necessary to use the thermostatic incubator in the operating room?

The operating room originated in France and Italy in the 16th century, because of the technology and people's understanding of the medical environment. It wasn't until 1885, when German doctors built the first sterile operating room, that the infection control gained more attention. In the 21st century, the progress of science and technology, people's thinking and awareness, and the construction of the operating room have attracted great attention. Levels the flow layer of the operating room, thousand flow layer operating room level, flow operating room, such as flow layer of the operating room, become an important milestone in the history of the development of the operating room, greatly increased the success rate of surgery.
The purification process of the operating room can be very rigorous, but for enterprises, the quality of the operating room temperature is closely related to us. It is our responsibility to produce products that are more suitable for operating rooms. So enterprise through hundreds of operating room field visits, questionnaires, and thousands of medical workers and several operating room purification engineering business cooperation and sums up the requirements of the operating room temperature products design, development, production.
The invention of the operating room insulated cabinet, operating room cabinet, and embedded operating room incubator, has revolutionized the technology of traditional operating room incubator in the market. Medical workers have a new understanding of operating room products, and the market has been highly praised by the industry.

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