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The function of co2 incubator microprocessing control system.

The microprocessing control system of carbon dioxide incubator is an operating system which maintains the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration in the incubator. Microprocessor control system and other various accessories, such as high and low temperature automatic control and alarm device, CO2 alarm device, password protection Settings, etc.), the operation and control of CO2 incubator is very simple.
Co2 incubator such as: LEEC PID microprocessor touch screen control system, it can strictly control the concentration of the gas and its loss so low, so as to guarantee the training environment is constant, and can ensure the precision of temperature in the cabinet in the long-term cultivation process, and a liquid crystal display, graphical process monitoring and intervention in the event log, etc. In addition, the alarm system is also indispensable. It can let you know the situation of the incubator in time and make a response, so as to minimize the loss and guarantee the continuity of the experiment. Some incubator audio/visual alarm device, temperature variation of plus or minus 0.5 ℃, or CO2 concentration changes of plus or minus 5%, namely will automatically alarm; Some have abnormal alarm display function of CO2 concentration; Some have low voltage, power failure alarm function. These devices are designed for the convenience of users to reduce tedious and tedious experiments.

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