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How to solve the common problem of constant temperature and Humidity chamber?

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber temperature rises slowly in particular, the first thing to check the wind circulation system, to see if a driving cycle of damper opening to normal, on the contrary, will check whether the wind circulation of motor operates normally. If the temperature is too hot, you need to set the PID setting parameters. If the temperature rises directly and overheat protection, then the controller fails, and the control instrument must be replaced.
If the constant temperature and humidity chamber in low temperature experiment zhong da is less than the index, then you have to observe the change of temperature, the temperature drop is slow, or temperature has a tendency to pick up after the temperature to a certain value, the former shall check and will do the low temperature test before testing the baking in the oven, keep the studio after drying and then test samples in test box to do test, test the test sample is placed in the cabinet is overmuch, make the test in the wind is not fully cycle, after excluding the reasons, and consider whether there is something wrong with the refrigeration system, it will please manufacturers of professional personnel for maintenance. The phenomenon of the latter is that the equipment of constant temperature and humidity is not suitable for the use of the equipment, the environment temperature of the equipment is placed, and the position of the equipment is to meet the requirements.

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