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How do you know the unknown problem in the High and low temperature chamber?

How can we judge a high and low temperature test chamber if there is an abnormal reaction during operation?
In the high temperature test, the temperature change cannot reach the test temperature value: at this time, we can check the electrical system and eliminate the failure one by one. If the temperature rises slowly, it is necessary to check whether the regulating damper of the wind circulation is turned on normally. On the contrary, check whether the motor running in the wind cycle is normal. If the temperature is too hot, you need to set the PID setting parameters. If the temperature rises directly, overtemperature protection, then, the controller fails, must replace the control instrument.
Low temperature reach test indicators: the first is to observe the change of temperature, temperature drop is slow, or temperature has a tendency to pick up after the temperature to a certain value, the former shall check and do the low temperature test whether the studio before drying, to keep the studio after drying and then test samples into the studio to do test, indoor test sample is placed too much work, make work indoor wind is not fully cycle, this mainly is caused by the equipment using the environment is not good. After excluding the above reasons, we should consider whether it is a failure in the refrigeration system, so we need to call the after-sales service of our company and ask the technicians to repair it. How to determine the unknown phenomenon of high and low temperature chamber.

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