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The insulation performance and temperature uniformity of thermostatic incubator.

The thermal insulation performance and temperature uniformity of the equipment are good, and the water jacket is still better insulated when the water jacket is cut off. Moreover, the inner tank of the apparatus is made of high quality stainless steel or copper plate. In addition, the instrument has two kinds of temperature control methods, such as microcomputer intelligent temperature controller and bimetal regulator, and the overflow device can effectively prevent the deformation of water jacket.
At present, in the laboratory, especially the biology laboratory, in order to obtain more accurate experimental data, the temperature test environment is strict. Therefore, for the laboratory, the function of the incubator is very important. It has a great influence on the research process and the results of the laboratory. In the field of biology, agriculture, fisheries, constant temperature incubator also play an important role, and, in the process of industrial production, the equipment is indispensable, it can directly produce products and keep the workshop temperature environment, so as to help related industrial production work, occupy a pivotal position in industrial production.
Recently, the Chinese government procurement network issued a public bidding announcement on the purchase of scientific research instruments in 2017 by lanzhou veterinary research institute of the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences. According to the announcement, lanzhou veterinary proposed budget by 7.5253 million yuan purchase 42 sets of instruments and equipment, including PCR, centrifuges, incubator, ultra-low temperature freezer and other commonly used biological engineering equipment and laboratory equipment, constant temperature incubator procurement of a number, used to study the work.
Constant temperature incubator only as an incubator equipment category, in addition, incubator equipment and biochemical incubator, light incubator, electric incubator water-jacket CO2 incubator, incubator, frozen incubator, oscillation incubator, low temperature incubator, artificial climate box, mold incubator, training table, multi-function incubator, etc., should be extensive used in biological engineering, medical, industrial production in various fields, such as play an important role.

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