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How to choose the structure and volume of humidity chamber.

The overall structure of the box body of the constant temperature and humidity cabinet: the refrigerating system is in the lower part of the box, and the control system is in the upper part of the constant temperature and humidity cabinet. At one end of the studio, the air duct interlayer, distribution heater, refrigeration evaporator, wind blade and other devices. To the left side of the constant temperature and humidity chamber with Ф 50 cable hole, the door is open the door for a single stainless steel embedded door handle. The temperature of the test chamber can be effectively lost by using the dual - temperature resistant silicone rubber seal.
The cabinet door of the constant temperature and humidity cabinet is equipped with an observation window and anti-frost device. The observation window adopts the multi-layer hollow tempered glass, the inside of the film conductive film heating defrost. The lamp USES imported philips lamp tube, which can effectively observe the changes of test samples in the working chamber.
Constant temperature constant box volume choice: will be test product placement test in the test, in order to ensure that participants products surrounding atmosphere can satisfy the environmental conditions specified in the test specification, climate box work space between size and participants product profile size shall comply with the following provisions:
1. The volume of the tested product (W * D * H) shall not exceed the effective working space of the test box (20-35) (recommended 20). No greater than 30 is recommended for products that are hot in the test.
2. The ratio of the head area of the tested product to the total area of the working chamber of the test box on this section is not greater than (35-50) (recommended 35).
3. The distance from the outer margin of the test product should be at least 100-150mm, (150mm recommended).

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