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The future development of drying oven will be further studied.

Drying equipment in China, the industry is an emerging industry, as an emerging industry, its development space and not so important, so far, the significant development of drying equipment industry in China is characterized by science and technology research and development has become an increasingly important role, is no longer on price struggle of age before.
The future development of the drying oven will be studied in depth to study the drying equipment and material drying characteristics, master the optimum operating conditions for different materials, and develop and improve the dryer; In addition, large scale, high strength, high economy, and improving the adaptability of raw materials and product quality are the basic trend of drier development; The development of the drying oven should also pay attention to the comprehensive utilization of energy saving and energy, such as adopting various combination heating methods, transplanting heat pump and heat pipe technology, developing solar drying apparatus and so on. It also needs to develop the automatic control technology of the drying box to ensure the optimal operation condition.
Drying box industry in China is the development status quo of drying equipment industry in our country though starting late, but has entered the mature stage of development, domestic drying equipment in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, textile, paper making and so on all walks of life plays a huge role. The appearance of infrared and microwave drying equipment in the 20th century represents that the drying technology has evolved from the simple wind drying and heat drying to the higher technology content.
With the emphasis on environmental protection, the improvement of environmental protection measures to reduce dust and exhaust emissions will also be the direction of further research. Experts say that it may be possible to build a strong leadership business through technological competition, a combination of strong alliances and the survival of the fittest. The current solar drying equipment is a new development direction for its small investment, obvious benefit, more environmental friendly and convenient control, can be widely used in various industries of low temperature drying. It is believed that with the continuous development of science and technology, the technology of drying oven price in China will surely make more breakthroughs in the future development.

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