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Vacuum oven selection guide

[Summary of contents]: The vacuum drying oven selection guide is provided by Guangzhou Kenton professional technicians. Welcome to browse the detailed content!
The selection of the vacuum drying oven is also a door technology, so how can one choose another vacuum oven that is satisfactory? The following will be explained in detail by our professional staff. I believe the following information will help you!
1. First of all, we should understand our own needs. For example, We need a vacuum drying oven that can hold 100 kilograms at a time, or we need to be able to dry at a temperature of 60 degrees or less. These are our needs. List them as a table, or query related product parameters or information, or ask a professional.
2. According to their own requirements to choose which kind of vacuum drying oven, first of all, we need to understand the main categories of vacuum drying oven:
Vacuum drying oven can be divided into low-temperature drying oven, normal temperature drying oven, high temperature drying oven and ultra-high temperature drying oven according to the rated temperature area.
①. Low-temperature drying oven is below 100 °C, used for the aging of electrical products, slow drying of common materials, drying of some food raw materials, plastics, and other products.
②. Drying oven at room temperature is 100 °C to 250 °C. It is the most common operating temperature. It is used for moisture drying, coating curing, heating, heating, and heat preservation of most parts.
③. High-temperature drying oven is 250-400 °C, high temperature drying special materials, high temperature drying special materials, high-temperature materials, chemical raw materials, such as the reaction processing.
④. Ultra-high temperature drying oven is 400-600 °C, higher operating temperature, high temperature drying special materials, heat treatment of the workpiece, high-temperature material testing.
3. After selecting the type of vacuum drying oven you enjoy, you should finally consider how much the vacuum drying oven should be bought. This is not difficult to judge because we clearly know how much we need to invest in the materials we produce. According to the information we know, judge the size of the selected vacuum drying oven. If you really can't determine the production capacity of a certain type of vacuum drying oven, please call our sales staff and they will recommend the vacuum drying oven that is most suitable for your use. 

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