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How to choose biosafety cabinet

[Summary of Content]: Many customers will have questions when purchasing biological safety cabinets. In order to answer everyone's questions, Guangzhou Kenton specifically summarizes these issues and hopes to help everyone!
When purchasing biosafety cabinets, many customers will have some doubts. In order to answer your questions, Guangzhou Kenton specifically summarizes these issues and hopes to help everyone!
Q: How to judge the quality of a biosafety cabinet?
A: Biological safety cabinets are mainly used for biohazard protection. Therefore, the protection considerations of operators are the main basis for judging the quality of products. The core technology of the secondary biological safety cabinet is the filter membrane (including the membrane material, the trapping efficiency of the membrane, the life of the membrane), the safety cabinet operating area and the air path design (including the design of the working area of the safety cabinet is made of stainless steel Forming, whether there are any screws or seams, whether the edges are processed by circular arcs; balance of the front operating surface, the velocity of the settling wind speed and the uniformity of the wind speed, the inlet wind speed, the vertical settlement shape of the wind), monitoring and alarm settings (The safety cabinet shall include real-time display of wind speed, low wind speed alarm, alarm of front window wrong position, UV interlocking device, B2 full-row model also need external fan interlocking device and negative pressure protection (including side wall negative pressure, back negative pressure Negative pressure at the top). Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of biological safety cabinets can be known through the comparison of the above indicators.
Q: Why is the balance of the front operation surface an important indicator of a biological safety cabinet?
A: The two-stage biological safety cabinet has an open front operation surface, which is easy to operate and also brings about a possibility of pollution. If the balance is not good, then this area will be polluted, and normal access to the outside world cannot be achieved. Operation room pollution samples and operator protection outside the polluting operator protection, so there is a fundamental deviation from the biological safety cabinet design concept so that the balance of the secondary biological safety cabinet in the front operation surface is critical.
Q: Why does the alarm device require a low wind speed alarm?
A: In Europe and the United States, according to the standards of Europe and the United States, every biosafety cabinet is recommended to be a major technical indicator of the inspection. After we bought the biosafety cabinet and used it for a while, the biosafety cabinet is still in normal protection for the operator, the environment, and the sample. As operators, we cannot know it, and once it is deposited due to the accumulation of the filter membrane. If the wind speed is reduced, sample contamination may occur. If the wind speed is reduced, people may be contaminated. Under the current national conditions, it is very difficult for us to carry out annual technical inspections. Because there is a small cost, a low-speed warning is very important.
Q: The biosafety cabinet has an electric front window. Is it very convenient?
A: Wrong! In Europe and the United States, a biohazard laboratory often needs to configure dual power supply systems to prevent the leakage of biohazardous substances when a power supply system fails. In China, such laboratory configurations are difficult to obtain. Therefore, once the power window is cut off during the experiment, it will create a great danger and cause irreparable damage! In addition, both the electric front window and the manual front window are fixed at the time of operation. Therefore, in the biological safety cabinet, the electric front window has little meaning and danger, and it can be said that there is no benefit.
Q: What is the meaning of the negative pressure in the side wall of the biological safety cabinet?
A: Biosafety cabinets are different in European and American standards. The requirements for sidewalls are also different. American products are all stainless steel sidewalls, and negative pressure chambers are required to avoid leakage of the sidewalls. European products basically use glass sidewalls without sidewalls. Do negative pressure protection. Due to the positive pressure in the cabinet's internal operating room, external leaks can occur if there are a shell breakage and a leak. Therefore, the formation of negative pressure protection on the side wall and the back plate can effectively reduce the possibility of leakage.
Q: How do negative pressure protection cavities prevent contamination and cross-contamination?
A: A good design will allow the fan to be further cleaned and disinfected after a period of work. If this design is not available, the operator will need to continue opening the cabinet for a certain period of time in order to discharge the pollutants to the maximum extent after the experiment is completed.
Q: What accessories do we need to order?
A: The cabinet usually needs to use some electrical equipment, so the splash-proof power socket in the cabinet is needed, and because the current domestic use of European instruments is more popular, considering the grounding of the European power cord and the socket of our country are incompatible, so A certain amount of static electricity will be generated on European-style instruments. Static electricity will affect the vertical flow of sediment in the biological safety cabinet, and there will be a certain adsorption effect. Therefore, if possible, a European style splash-proof power socket is best configured. Because the pollution inside the cabinet operation room is not very big, the biggest pollution is in the negative pressure protection cavity, so the UV lamp system can consider matching, to achieve better sterilization and disinfection functions. Separately designed safety cabinets need brackets.
In addition to understanding the safety cabinet's performance indicators, the best way to identify the safety performance of the safety cabinet most quickly and conveniently is to know if the safety cabinet you purchased has received the following major international safety cabinet certifications:
EN12469 (Unified European Biosafety Cabinet Standard)
NSF49 (US Biological Safety Cabinet Standard - Secondary Biological Safety Cabinet)
AS2252.2 (Australian Biological Safety Cabinet Standard - Secondary Biological Safety Cabinet) JIS K3800 (Japanese Biosafety Cabinet Standard)
While seeking manufacturer's product certification, the user may pay attention to the following matters:
1. When a manufacturer claims that its own production safety cabinet meets an international standard, it may be required to produce an independent test report signed by a certification-legal certification body;
2. Some standards may not be directly related to the safety performance of safety cabinets. For example, biosafety cabinet manufacturers claim to obtain ISO9001 quality certification, and ISO9001 does not detect safety cabinet performance above the international safety cabinet standards;
3. The certification must be tested and promulgated by an independent and legal safety cabinet certification authority.

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