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Problems needing attention in using constant temperature and humidity box

Constant temperature and humidity incubator is a kind of equipment with controllable temperature and humidity function, which can simulate various environmental conditions. It is one of the commonly used equipment, such as environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, biotechnology testing, aquatic products and so on. It is also commonly used equipment in the fields of bioengineering, water analysis, industrial product performance testing and so on.

When we use constant temperature and humidity incubator, we must remember not to open the door at will, unless we have to do so, it will cause burns or errors, such as keeping high temperature inside incubator door; high temperature air may trigger fire alarm function; high temperature and humidity rush out of the incubator and other reasons.
In the running process of constant temperature and humidity box, you can't touch and check with your hands to avoid electric shock or fan injury. And the installation position of wet ball gauze must be accurate, so as to ensure the measurement of relative humidity.
Circuit short circuit device and over-temperature alarm protection function are the protection equipment of constant temperature and humidity incubator for personal safety. It needs regular inspection and maintenance. When using the constant temperature and humidity incubator, it needs to ensure the correct grounding gas to avoid static induction. Non-professional technicians are forbidden to repair and inspect incubators with constant temperature and humidity. If necessary, they can seek help from manufacturers or professionals. It is forbidden for non-relevant personnel to electrify or use the equipment in order to avoid the danger of electric shock.

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