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Problems needing attention when using electrothermal incubator

Electrothermal incubator is often used in modern advanced laboratories. It is a suitable equipment for users who have higher requirements for incubating constant temperature environment. However, more valuable samples need to be equipped with independent temperature limiting controller.
Electrothermal incubator is very suitable for the cultivation of microorganisms and other industries. It is a necessary equipment for medical and health, biology, agriculture, scientific research experiments to do bacterial culture and fermentation. The electrothermal incubator produced by our company's Kangheng Instrument Laboratory Equipment has the following characteristics:
1. Only PID control technology can be used for precise LCD microcomputers. The system has the functions of temperature control, timing and over-temperature alarm, and has RS485 interface.
2. Standardized international brand with radiator, maintenance-free, high durability, combined with perfect duct design, to ensure uniform temperature in the working chamber.
3. Mirror stainless steel inner liner has acid and alkali proof, corrosion proof, semi-circular four corners are easy to clean, and the distance between shelves can be adjusted.
4. Carbon fiber electrothermal film is used for heating element, and advanced inner cavity preheating technology is used to make the inner cavity temperature consistent and reduce temperature fluctuation.
The precautions for electrothermal incubator are as follows:
1. Attention should be paid to protecting the paint surface of the box to affect the appearance of the box.
2. This box is non-explosion-proof, so corrosive and flammable articles are prohibited to be put into the box.
3. When not in use for a long time, the power supply should be cut off, and the liquid from all places should be strictly prohibited from entering the machine, so as to avoid damaging the main engine.
4. Do not place the case in the corrosive environment containing acid and alkali to avoid breaking the ring electronic components.
5. Do not touch the electrical parts on the left side of the box by hand or wipe them with wet cloth or rinse them with water when using electricity.
6. When not necessary, do not open the temperature controller to prevent damage.
7. After each use, the power supply must be cut off. Always keep the inside and outside of the tank clean and the water inside the tank clean.
8. When using at a higher temperature, care should be taken for scalds.
9. The fuse pipe is packed in the left space of the box. When changing, the side door should be opened and the power supply must be cut off.
10. The power cord should not be wound on metal objects. It should not be placed in high temperature or humid places to prevent rubber from aging and leakage.
11. The test material should not be placed in the box to make the air flow smooth, keep the heat uniform in the box, and the inner floor is close to the electric heater, so it is not suitable to place the test material. In the laboratory, the top valve should be properly switched to facilitate the adjustment of temperature in the box.
12. The working voltage of this box is 220V AC, 50Hz. Before using, we must pay attention to whether the voltage of the power supply is in accordance with the specified voltage, and effectively grounding the grounding pole of the power socket according to the stipulation.
13. When the incubator is filled with precious strains and cultures, it should be observed on time and abnormal conditions occur. The power supply should be cut off immediately to avoid external or unnecessary losses. Independent temperature limiting controllers can be installed when necessary.

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