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Environmental chamber

Main feature

The small Environmental chamber manufactured by Kenton Instrument mainly aims at drug tests and aging tests of electrical and electronic products

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  • Application:
    the Environmental chamber is produced with imported parts with excellent performance, beautiful appearance and good reliability. It is an ideal choice for Laboratory environmental test.
    Performance characteristics:
    1.It has a wide range of temperature and humidity regulation, which can meet various needs of users.
    2. It adopts a balanced temperature regulation mode, reach a ideal temperature environment.it has stable balanced heating to carry out high-precision and stable temperature control, timer and overtemperature alarm function.
    3.The test chamber has the performance of automatically selecting the running cold circuit with the set value of temperature. Simple operation. The equipment has the function of overpressure protection compressor.
    4. big observation window, which is convenient to observe the test state of the sample
    5. The double-layer door seal structure ensures that the energy in the cavity is not easy to dissipate.
    High&low temperature test chamber(WGD series): suitable for basic environmental regulations to electrical and electronic products.
    Test A: Low temperature test method, Test B: High temperature test method. Conduct low temperature and high temperature tests on products. test chamber adopts the most advanced temperature control mode and balanced temperature regulation mode, so it can automatically obtain the reliable and accurate test temperature from high temperature to low temperature or from low temperature to high temperature.
    Environmental chamber(WGD-SJ series): It has a wide range of temperature and humidity regulation and control to meet the basic environmental test procedures for electrical and electronic products. Test A: Low temperature test method, Test B: High temperature test method.Test C:humidity test method,Test D:alternative temperature and humidity test method.



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