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Operation procedure of box type muffle furnace

Muffle furnace shell made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface of the spray process, the door with a full door structure, flexible opening and closing.

1. Operational procedures
(1) equipment inspection: before the opening of the equipment should be a comprehensive inspection, check the electrical control box whether there are tools or other conductive material, when we have forgotten the artifact exists in the furnace should keep clear of in time, especially the terminal of electric heating element, must To ensure that there is no loosening, safety shield must be complete and effective. The inspection of electrical appliances and meters shall be responsible for the special person, and when the equipment is confirmed, it shall be able to work in the furnace.

(2) Starting the furnace: the temperature control indicator temperature adjustment instructions to adjust the temperature to the process requirements of the temperature position, and then turn on the device total power switch, open the instrument and the furnace switch, box-type muffle furnace began to heat up to the process temperature. After the heating furnace rises to the process temperature, the temperature should be measured according to the requirements of the technical regulations of the temperature-adjusting. When adjusting meter temperature, pay attention to: table temperature = furnace temperature - correction value.

(3) Furnace charging: Furnace: According to the structural characteristics of parts and batch size, installed furnace volume is different. The number of furnace installed is determined by the size of the effective heating zone.

(4) Baked: according to process requirements after the full insulation can be released. Baked operation should pay attention to cut off the heater power, remove the furnace parts to prevent burns and other accidents.

2. Operational considerations
(1) When the temperature is higher than 400 ℃ is not allowed to open the oven door to intense cooling.
(2) The maximum temperature is not exceeding the rated temperature
(3) furnace charging quantity is not too big, causing the temperature decrease should not be greater than 50 ℃.
(4)Do not push too hard in the furnace to avoid damaging the bottom of the furnace.
(5 often pay attention to the instrument and electrical control box electrical work is normal.
(6) New installation or overhaul of the furnace, after repair at room temperature for 2-3 days and nights, the electrical use 500 v megger check. the three-phase heating element to the ground (furnace shell) resistance should be greater than 0.5MΩ can send power,  and according to the following process electric baking: 100-200 ℃, 15-20 h oven door open; 300-400 ℃, 8-10 h oven door open; 550-600 ℃, 8 h oven door closed; 750-800 ℃ 8 h oven door closed. The shell cover can be removed in the furnace and the water vapor in the masonry is easy to disperse.
 (7)After the new overhaul or newly installed furnace is used for a month, the state of the diatomite at the top of the furnace should be checked. If it sinks, it should be filled again.

3. The daily maintenance and attention of the box furnace
(1)Keep the furnace clean and tidy regularly and remove the clutter in the furnace regularly. The cleaning work must be carried out at the cut-off power supply and the furnace temperature to room temperature.
(2) The stove surface of the silver paint must be intact, it is best to brush 1 to 2 times a year to reduce the furnace heat loss of radiation.
(3) It is not allowed to impose high temperature on the furnace, so as to burn the furnace wire, and check the situation of the electric heating wire regularly. If there is any contact between the two, it should be separated in time.
(4)Check whether the temperature control system is normal, to prevent the temperature out of control and burn the furnace, the thermometer and thermocouple should be corrected periodically.
(5) Check whether the rod is loose, remove the oxide skin and tighten the clamp. Always pay attention to the lining of the furnace, the resistance wire board brick, and find the damage timely repaired.
(6)Check whether the ground bolts of the furnace are loose
(7)The bearing of the driving mechanism shall be lubricated regularly.
(8) The reducer should be lubricated before use.
(9)Check the use of hoisting wire rope in the furnace door regularly and find out that the damage should be replaced in time.
(10) Strictly according to the instructions of the equipment, not exceeding the temperature, not exceeding the amount of installed furnace and the effective heating area.
(11) It is forbidden to be charged operation to prevent the occurrence of electric shock.
(12)Regularly check the instrument and thermocouple, check the temperature condition of the instrument, ensure that the furnace temperature control is reliable and prevent overtemperature accidents.
(13) When production ends, cut off the total power in time and turn off the instrument power supply. According to the production management and equipment management regulations, clean the equipment and production site and fill in the delivery plan and the face-to-face handover.

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