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Constant temperature drying oven replacement observation window glass method

The observation window is set on the door of the constant temperature drying oven, which can directly see the change state of the processed products in the heating process, bringing intuitive effect to the customers' processed products and can achieve better drying effect. However, the glass is sometimes damaged during transportation due to poor logistics protection, or the glass can also be knocked down accidentally during use. When the glass is damaged and needs to be replaced, how should we proceed? We can do it in the following three steps.
1, Remove the door, first remove the entire outer door by removing the hinge screws from the case and lay it flat, noting that the door panel is facing down. Next, remove the door sub-panel and take out the inner glass and glass fixing frame, followed by the outer glass.
2, Install the new outer glass, press on the glass retaining frame and then install the new inner glass. Cover the door sub-panel and secure it with screws.
3, Assemble the outer door with the replaced glass on the oven, adjust the horizontal position of the door and tighten the fixing screws. Open and close the door two or three times and check that the door handles snap together smoothly.

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