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Vacuum drying ovens are not suitable for drying which products

Vacuum drying oven as a classification of drying oven, the use of water or solvent in the state of negative pressure boiling point becomes low, can let the moisture volatilization in the low temperature state, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid drying. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, traditional Chinese medicine, food and other industries, especially suitable for heat-sensitive, easy to decompose, easy to oxidize and other samples not resistant to high temperature low-temperature drying and complex and precise mechanical parts, porous samples and so on after cleaning for drying.
Then in the process of use, not all samples are suitable for the vacuum drying oven. Explosive samples: most vacuum drying ovens on the market are not explosion-proof, so avoid damage caused by explosive samples. Airtight containers: such as common bottles and glassware with lids, airtight containers have high internal pressure during the heating process, while vacuuming the outside of the container, resulting in excessive pressure difference, which can easily cause the container to rupture or even explode, so samples cannot be placed in airtight containers and should be opened with lids or covered with breathable film material. Samples that are volatile and contain acids and alkalis that can corrode the vacuum pump or react with the oil in the pump: these samples can easily affect the service life of the pump, so the solution is to install a filter between the vacuum chamber and the pump or to replace the pump with an oil-free one. Samples with a lot of moisture that need to be dried for a long time: the vacuum pump should not be used continuously for a long time, it is recommended to pre-treat the moisture of these samples.

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