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Purification bench structure principle and installation requirements

The purification bench is mainly through the swirl fan located at the top to suck the ambient air into the negative pressure oven, then through the high efficiency filter without partition into the work area, the air from the outside through the primary and high efficiency filter can achieve Class 100 (ISO Class 5) level purification effect. The purified air flows into the working area from the upper part vertically on the ground, while the purified air flows into the working area from the rear part horizontally on the ground, which is called the horizontal type.
The whole negative pressure oven is made of high quality cold rolled plate, the operating area is made of stainless steel plate and the stand is made of square tube welded together. The electric control part is controlled by a microcomputer integrated instrument, the display shows various work running status, the ergonomic front 10 degrees tilt design, more comfortable operation. The working area is brightly lit by glass on both sides of the bench, and the front cover has a built-in light and UV sterilisation lamp to provide convenience for experimental needs.
The clean bench must be installed in a place away from vibration and noise, and in a hygienic factory or indoor area to avoid the influence of dust particles from outside. Firstly, assemble the stand according to the instructions, and ask to fix it firmly without loosening, then lift the oven to the upper part of the stand, and cooperate with the positioning bolts, and finally adjust the height of the castors and the ground level with an open-end spanner, and lock the positioning nuts of the castors to complete the installation. When moving the purification workbench, attention should be paid to relaxing the front wheel brake of the rack, and the front wheel brake should be placed in the brake position after moving into place. Kenton's JH series purification bench is equipped with a water and gas interface and a waterproof power plug, which can be connected by a professional electrician before use, making it easy to operate.
If you have testing equipment after placing it, you can put the level meter on the working table for level testing and filter leakage testing. If you want to have a better purification effect, it is recommended to clean the surface of the workbench before use, switch on the power supply and let the equipment run for a period of time without any load.

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