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Pressure principle and operation of vacuum drying oven

Vacuum drying ovens are mainly used to pump out the gas from the inner chamber through a vacuum pump so that the air pressure in the chamber reaches the required negative pressure, i.e. the so-called "vacuum" state, and at the same time set to the required temperature to maintain a constant process. The main focus here is on the pumping operation and the precautions to be taken under negative pressure.
Air pressure principle and operation of vacuum drying ovens
As we all know, the air is atmospheric pressure, lower than atmospheric pressure is called negative pressure, when the gas is pumped out of the inner liner, the inner liner pressure is lower than the pressure of the external environment, the greater the negative pressure, the greater the pressure is, the pressure is imposed on the inner liner from the outside, therefore, the inner liner material and thickness of the design vacuum drying oven must be able to withstand the pressure of the maximum vacuum in the parameters, otherwise, when the pressure is large, the inner liner will deflate inwards, and in order to strengthen the Therefore, some low-priced vacuum ovens on the market only consider low-cost production and cut corners on the inner liner. Negative pressure state of the vacuum drying ovens due to the role of pressure is difficult to open the door, you must open the bleeder valve to let the liner and external pressure close to the same time to open the door, so the operation should pay attention to the vacuum can not frequently open the door to take the samples. In order to prevent the tempered glass of the door from breaking and being bounced out by the negative pressure to hurt people, therefore the door of the vacuum drying oven must do special twofold explosion-proof safety design, but it is recommended that the drying oven in the "vacuum" state or try to avoid standing or staying in the front of the oven door for a long time.
There is also a situation that individual users need to fill the inner chamber with other inert gases such as nitrogen after vacuuming, and need to install an inflatable valve on the oven, when inflating, pay attention to observe whether the pressure inside the oven and the pressure of the inflatable bottle is suitable, only when the pressure of the inflatable bottle is greater than the pressure inside the oven can be inflatable.

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