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How to choose an Laminar flow cabinet

When choosing an Laminar flow cabinet, the first thing to clarify is whether it is for a single person or a double person and whether there is enough suitable space on the laboratory floor. In comparison, a double bench is a little wider and slightly more expensive. It should be noted that if two people are experimenting with different samples at the same time, it is advisable to buy two single workstations and separate them for independent experiments to avoid cross-contamination of samples on the same
It is advisable to buy two single benches to avoid cross-contamination of samples on the same bench.
The second is the choice of air direction. There are no obvious advantages or disadvantages between vertical and horizontal flow, they are both class 100 clean, it depends on the use of the air direction. Generally speaking, the vertical air direction is blocked by a glass door, and the quasi-closed table surface can effectively prevent the penetration of external combined flow and the stimulation of the human body by operating odor, which is suitable for most fields. For testing or work that requires a microscope, then choose the horizontal air direction.
Finally, the choice is made with regard to the parameters of the accessories, such as the efficiency of the primary and high-efficiency filters, whether the airspeed is adjustable, the noise, the material of the tabletop, the UV lamp, and the after-sales service.


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