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Technical characteristics of the artificial climate chamber

The artificial climate chamber simulates the three elements of temperature, humidity and illumination in the natural environment, setting different temperatures, humidity and illumination levels in time according to experimental needs, making it an ideal artificial climate experimental environment. It is widely used for production and scientific research purposes such as biogenetic engineering, medicine, forestry, environmental science, animal husbandry and aquaculture. To achieve these functions, what exactly are the technical features of the artificial climate chamber? There are four main points as follows.
1, Control instrumentation using programmable microcomputer control technology. Precise control of temperature, temperature, light level, period, number of segments, running time, running cycle, etc.
2, Adopting balanced cooling to meet the needs of long time operation, high efficiency and energy saving.
3, With automatic defrost function, based on the original technology of rapid heat pump defrost, effectively solving the frost problem arising from the continuous operation of the evaporator.
4, The perfect forced convection air circulation system, to ensure the continuous stability of the temperature, humidity and illumination in the working room, to create a perfect environment in line with the design requirements.

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