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Biochemical incubator and Constant Climate Chamber, light artificial climate incubator function comparison

The basic use of such products are agricultural and aquatic industry, medical and health epidemic prevention, environmental science, plant and animal culture, biological research, etc., the temperature range is in 0-65 ℃, we can understand the biochemical incubator as the basis, both adjustable humidity function for constant temperature and humidity chamber, at the same time with humidity and light adjustable called artificial climate chamber, we note that the light incubator does not have humidity function.
The following Kenton laboratory company production products as an example for a brief introduction, biochemical incubator intelligent PID control, with timing, lighting, over-temperature alarm function, the temperature is adjustable and constant within the range of 0-65 ℃. Constant Climate Chamber increases humidity in the adjustable range of 40%-95% based on the  biochemical incubator. Light incubator temperature control range: with light 10-65 ℃, no light 5-65 ℃, five levels of light adjustable, with timing, lighting, overtemperature alarm function, no humidity function. The artificial climate chamber is based on a light incubator with adjustable and constant humidity in the range 40%-95%.

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