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How much can the oven bake at one time?

In the industrial oven or grain drying oven, there are often customers consulting, how much can be baked in a day, or how many kilograms can be baked at a time and so on, here are a few simple points to explain.
1, The drying oven is a production tool, can be put in the drying oven drying thousands of products, any manufacturers can not know all the characteristics of all products.
2, The parameters of the oven provided by the manufacturer, such as the heating rate and the maximum temperature, are tested under the state of no load. When the product is placed inside, the size of the product, how much moisture, the degree of density of placement, etc., will not only affect the drying efficiency of the product, but also on the above oven parameters will cause interference.
Therefore, without knowing the characteristics of the product, it is all about experimentation to get the desired result. The drying data that manufacturers can generally provide can only be used as a reference. The same product of different origins, such as apples, one from Shandong and one from Aksu, will contain different moisture and sugar, and the drying time and effect will not be the same. It is advisable to record the drying setting temperature, the temperature of the surface of the product, the drying time, the intensity of placement, etc., and then check the drying effect afterwards, and then adjust the temperature and time to achieve the best drying effect. If you are not able to test it, you can send samples to (Guangzhou Kenton Laboratory Co., Ltd.), we will then provide you with test.

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