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DZF series Vacuum drying oven common failures and solutions

1. Open the power switch, no response from the equipment
A. The power indicator lamp does not light up: the fuse is bad, change new; the switch is bad, change new.
B. Power indicator light: temperature control table is bad or its control circuit failure, can be measured with a multimeter to determine.
2. Temperature control table display table normal, but can not be heated
A. Temperature control table is bad, use a multimeter to measure the voltage of its output terminals to determine
B. The heating tube is bad, use a multimeter to measure the resistance value between the terminals to determine
3. Temperature control table shows the temperature and the temperature measured in the oven is different
A. When the temperature difference is slightly large, replace the sensor to try it.
B. If the temperature difference is small, adjust the internal parameter Pb value to be more positive. Pb value = actual measured temperature in the box - instrument display temperature
4. The temperature display appears to be static
A. Remove the probe, power on, and see if there is any change in the position of the "----" line. If there is, both determine the temperature control table damage, replace the new; if there is no change, both can determine the probe damage, replace the new B temperature control table damage, (temperature display jumping or forbidden not moving).  
5. Can not pumping vacuum
A. pipeline leakage: can be divided into check whether the pipeline connection leakage
B. Leakage of air inlet solenoid valve
C. Whether the vacuum gauge is leaking
D. Air leakage from the door seal, first loosen the screws fastening the glass, so that the glass pops outward, resulting in the glass pressed against the door seal, or adjust the door buckle lower

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