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Biochemical incubator use precautions

The new biochemical incubator is a high-precision thermostat with hot and cold control, which can be used for plant culture, breeding test, cultivation and preservation of bacteria, moulds and microorganisms, water analysis and other uses of thermostat test equipment. It is the ideal test equipment for biological genetic engineering, medical treatment, health epidemic prevention, drug testing, agriculture and animal husbandry aquaculture and other scientific research units. We have the following precautions in the use process.
1. In the handling of the incubator, it is forbidden to invert it and put it flat at more than 45 degrees.
2. Do not change the setting value frequently in use, so as not to overload the compressor by frequent starting, which will affect the service life of the equipment.
4. The machine is equipped with two sets of fuses, if a fault occurs during operation, please first cut off the power supply, check whether the fuses are intact, and then check the other parts.
5. In order to maintain the appearance of the equipment, do not wipe the exterior with corrosive solution, the incubator can be wiped with dry cloth or alcohol to keep the incubator clean.
6. When the equipment is not in use, keep the incubator dry and cut off the power supply.
7. To ensure that the temperature inside the incubator is uniform, the incubator should often check whether the axial flow fan is running normally. When experimenting, the items in the incubator should not be placed too closely and do not block the fan outlet, in order to facilitate the circulation of airflow in the incubator
8. Do not touch, collide with the incubator temperature probe, resulting in temperature loss
10. The product has a refrigeration pressure relief device, refrigeration operation using intermittent mode. If in the refrigeration operation stop, there is a solenoid valve suction and refrigerant back flow sound is normal phenomenon.
11. If the equipment fails, please ask a professional to repair it or contact the sales department of the factory, please do not disassemble and repair it arbitrarily.

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