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DNP series Precision LCD screen electric heating incubator common failures and repair

1. Plug in the power supply, open the power switch, no response
A. After turning on the power, the power indicator does not light: power switch is bad, or power supply into the line has a problem, with a multimeter "Ω" file, measuring the incoming line has no break
B. After the machine is turned on, the switch power indicator light: temperature control instrument bad or its switch to the table loaded wire failure (loose). Use a multimeter to check respectively.
2. Plug in the power supply, open the power switch leakage tripping
A. Open the power switch, immediately tripped. Dial out the power plug, the motor into the line cut off, and then plugged into the power supply is normal that the motor leakage, replace the motor.
B. Open the power switch, delayed tripping, carbon fiber heating wire fused resulting in leakage is more likely. Available multimeter measurement, replace the carbon fiber wire.
4. The temperature control table shows normal, but not heating
A. Temperature control table is bad: use a multimeter to measure its loading terminal has no voltage
B. Carbon fiber heating wire is bad: use a multimeter to measure the resistance of both ends of the heating wire
C. Relay open circuit damage;
5. Fan does not run
A. Motor bad: use a multimeter to measure its resistance value to determine.
6. Temperature control table display board, temperature display jumping or static, or abnormalities such as "□□□□□" or "------"
A/B temperature sensor failure / thermostat failure: the method of disconnecting the sensor to determine: if the sensor is disconnected, if the phenomenon of change both for the temperature control table failure, and vice versa temperature sensor failure
7. The control board shows the temperature difference with the actual temperature measured in the incubator
A. Temperature difference is slightly small, adjust the internal parameters of the temperature control table pb value is more positive. pb value = actual measured temperature in the incubator - the instrument shows the temperature temperature
8. Instrument display temperature and the set temperature difference is far or out of control
A. The temperature difference is large: first replace the probe test.      
B. Temperature control table is bad: update
C. Bad relay: update


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