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Do carbon dioxide (CO2) incubators have a humidity control function?

Most of the CO2 incubators available on the market today do not have humidity control, but only provide the humidity required by the natural evaporation of the culture. Therefore, a humidity control system needs to be installed in order to achieve this. If you need to do so, you can consult Kenton laboratory at https://en.kentonchina.com/
Does the CO2 incubator have a refrigeration function?
Conventional CO2 incubators only have a temperature range of +5°C to 65°C and do not have a refrigeration function. If you want to set the temperature lower than 30 ℃ must be with refrigeration function, Kenton laboratory to meet the needs of such users specifically developed a CO2 incubator with refrigeration function, the temperature range covers 0-65 ℃, no matter which ambient temperature you use do not have to worry about the temperature will not come down Details please visit the official website https://en.kentonchina.com/

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