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DHG series Precision LCD screen electric heating incubator common fault and repair

1. After plugging in the power supply and opening the power switch, the drying oven has no response.
A. After turning on the power, the power indicator lamp does not light up: (1) the fuse is bad, change to new (2) the switch is bad, change to new
B. After turning on the machine, the power indicator light is on: the temperature control table is bad or its wire inlet is loose. Check with a multimeter
2. Plug in the power supply, open the power switch, leakage tripping
A. Open the power switch, immediately tripped. Dial out the power plug, the motor into the line cut off, and then plugged into the power supply is normal that the motor leakage, replace the motor.
B. Open the power switch, delayed tripping, the possibility of leakage due to fused heating wire is relatively large. Available multimeter measurement, replace the heat pipe. 3.
3. Turn on the power switch. Hear the "clatter" sound
A. Blower fan blade screws loose, or support the fan spring loose, re-lock fixed can.
B. Blower fan leaves touching the wall of the incubator, open the blower air duct plate on the back side of the inner liner, and re-fix the fan leaf position.
4. Temperature control table shows normal but can not be heated
A. Temperature control table is bad: use a multimeter to measure its loading terminal has no 220V voltage output
B. Bad heat pipe: use a multimeter to measure the resistance value of its two terminals to determine
5. Blower does not run
A. Motor bad, use a multimeter to measure the resistance value between the winding group to determine
B. Bad starting capacitor: the machine does not turn on, rotate with hand force. Replace with new one
6. Temperature control table shows the temperature difference with the temperature measured in the incubator
A. When the difference is slightly large, replace the probe to try it.
B. When the difference is small, adjust the parameter value pb. pb value = actual measured temperature inside the incubator - instrument display temperature
7. Table display temperature and the set temperature difference is large or out of control
A. Temperature control table is bad: change the new
B. Probe bad
C Relay is bad
8. Temperature display jumping or stationary, or key press the symptoms
A. Temperature control table is bad: change the new
9. Temperature display "----" phenomenon, and the alarm sound
Temperature control table bad or probe bad: how to determine?   Determination method: the probe line from the temperature control table down, power on the test, see "----" line position and remove the position before there is no change. If there is a change, both the temperature control table can be judged to be damaged, replace the new; if there is no change, both the probe can be judged to be damaged, replace the new.

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