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Common faults of the oscillating incubator and repair

1. Turn on the switch power equipment no response
A. Fuse bad, replace
B. switch is bad, replace
C. The main control board is bad, use a multimeter to measure the main control board for voltage is normal, if not normal, the fault in the former power supply circuit failure; if normal, both can be judged to be damaged.
2. The display screen shows normal but the temperature does not rise
A. Heat pipe is damaged, please replace
B. The main board is damaged, use a multimeter to measure the voltage value of its load-out terminals to determine
3. Turn on the switch, the equipment tripped
A. Heating tube leakage
B. Fan leakage               
C. Compressor leakage, respectively, using a multimeter to measure to exclude
4. Open the switch, the temperature display "----" or after a while alarm
A. Temperature sensor failure, replace
5. The temperature does not come down, the display temperature is always higher than the set temperature
A. Compressor cooling performance decreases, replenish refrigerant
B. Compressor does not work, replace with a new one
C. Ask a professional refrigeration technician to check whether there is leakage in the refrigeration system
6. Oscillator does not respond or noise, reciprocating motion is not flexible
A. Dismantle the bottom plate of the inner liner to check whether the oscillating motor can operate normally.
B. Check whether the transmission mechanism such as belt and axle wheel is normal.

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