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Commercial drying ovens provide the ultimate drying solution for the food industry

The KYS series of commercial drying ovens designed and manufactured by Kenton Laboratory are designed to serve the nut, dried fruit, meat, fish, pet food and vegetable industries by.
Creating value-added products and business opportunities!
Dehydration has been used for decades to preserve and extend the shelf life of a wide range of foods, including vegetables, fruits such as apples, tomatoes and grapes, nuts, herbs and meats such as beef jerky and fish. Now with the KYS model dryers you can harness this power to create new value-added products and open up exciting opportunities to expand your business!
The KYS model controls temperature constancy and drying to increase productivity. This level of fine control allows your company to improve the drying process, offering countless environmental and economic benefits compared to expensive refrigerated and frozen methods.
The KYS model of industrial agricultural dryers (dehydrators) is your solution for producing value-added products, whether you want to expand your product range or provide the start-up opportunities needed for a new business, increasing revenue and sales while reducing costs.
Fast testing and service available
Your company will be able to test the viability of your product completely risk free. Development and testing is a time consuming and often costly process, we can offer a surrogate testing service where you simply send us your product and we can test it quickly. More importantly, allowing you to waste less time and money and get your value-added product to market faster. At the same time we know that confidentiality is paramount in this process and we will protect your company's intellectual property.
Customisable industrial drying solutions
We understand that every customer has specific requirements, which is why we offer customised industrial drying solutions to meet your exact needs.
The KYS model can be produced in small and large batches to meet your requirements, while machine modifications and customisations can be made to increase throughput and meet specialist requirements when needed.

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