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How to dry chillies in the oven

The fastest way to dry fresh chillies is in an oven. In just two to three hours you can process the chillies into powder or chilli flakes after they have been dried. Different varieties of chillies are dried at different speeds, with thin-fleshed chillies being the most suitable. Chillies with thick flesh need a little more time. You can dry almost any pepper in an oven. Air circulation drying ovens are perfect for this. Only a few steps are needed.
I. Freshly harvested ripe chillies have a very good flavour and by drying them properly their aroma
Aroma and spiciness become even more intense. For good drying results choose ones with a hard, glossy surface.
ii. First rinse the chillies in water. Wipe off any water droplets from the peppers with a clean towel. Cut off the stems and branches with a clean knife.
iii. Cut the chillies in half, some of the seeds will stick to them, remove them by sliding your fingers over the chillies. As some people don't like the seeds. Or peel off the seeds with a knife.
iv. Prepare a baking tray. Cover with baking paper or aluminium foil. The advantage of aluminium foil is that you can make a funnel out of it. This makes it easier to pour out the dried flakes. The tray is laid out so that the peppers do not stick to it. The glossy side of the foil faces upwards.
V. Place the peppers lengthways on the baking tray. Skin side down, flesh side up. Leave space between the two halves of the chillies so that the hot air can circulate well.
Vi. Slide the baking tray into the oven. Turn on the oven and set the temperature, which should not exceed 100 °C. 80 °C is the ideal temperature for drying peppers. When the temperature is too high, the wonderful aroma of the peppers will change and they will then quickly turn black. The air vents on the chamber allow excess moisture to escape. A strong smoke may be produced at first, open the window and it will dissipate after a while.
Check the temperature every hour, time is important for good peppers. When you open the oven, the peppers may give off a pungent steam. Depending on the thickness of the variety, they dry slightly differently.
VII. With the KYS range from Kenton Laboratory, for example, most pepper varieties take about 3-5 hours at 80°C. If the red peppers are dry enough, they will turn a darker shade. When pressed, they will burst and break easily and it is time to take the dried peppers out of the oven and wait for the baking tray to cool.
Therefore not every oven produced has the right balance of time and temperature, too high a temperature is short but darkens, too low a temperature does not achieve the drying effect and too long a time is inefficient in terms of productivity.

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