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The KH series industrial ovens and the KYS series commercial ovens

The KH series industrial ovens and the KYS series commercial ovens  from Kenton laboratory can be operated on large trolleys with removable trays customised to customer requirements. The trolleys are stacked on each level before being pushed into the drying chamber of the KH or KYS series for dewatering and drying. With advanced temperature and time control software with specific settings, the dewatering and drying process does not require manual monitoring, saving valuable time and money.
The Industrial Oven KH Series and Commercial Oven KYS Series can be easily customised to suit specific product requirements, and Kanheng also offers the option of test samples specifically for users, which will allow them to test before purchasing in bulk.
Case in point:
In 2019 the company received a request from a company growing vanilla beans in Jiangxi to increase its production of ground vanilla bean powder, a delicious product that is becoming increasingly popular among food manufacturers and restaurateurs. In order to produce vanilla powder, the beans are dehydrated to zero moisture and then ground. low temperature dehydration at 45 degrees C or below helps to preserve the flavour. in its conceptual stage, vanilla powder was produced on a small scale, initially using just one benchtop drying tank to remove the moisture from the beans, but demand grew over the last two years and soon 12 benchtop drying tanks were running full time. However, the company owner soon realised that there was extensive demand for its new product and needed a larger capacity commercial drying oven to keep up. After consulting with us about the need for a hand-pushed KYS series with a capacity of 1.2m³, the power was reduced as required to save energy and increase the output of vanilla powder, and one unit was able to do in just three days what 12 benchtop bins had done in the previous month. The vanilla powder is now produced using trolleys containing 500 kg of raw vanilla beans with built-in trays in and out of the drying ovens. The ability to do a large number of loads and dryings in a single production run has saved the company a lot of time and increased efficiency.

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