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Introduction to trolley type industrial ovens

With the increasing demand for industrial ovens in the market, the trolley type has practical convenience and is able to enter and exit the oven as a whole, and the baking efficiency of a large number of hanging parts is especially obvious, so the trolley type is recognized and accepted by more users. Kenton laboratory production of vertical industrial oven trolley can be divided into two kinds, the first kind is the bottom of the liner the whole steal empty, the whole trolley even bottom frame can be directly pushed into the baking, drying will be completed the whole pull out, unload has been dried to complete the product re-place the new again into the oven baking, the use of both convenient and efficient. But the oven is mostly non-standard production, need to custom-made. The second kind is the conventional model (not with the cart models) on the basis of the oven to increase the cart, the conventional industrial oven liner is the whole type only with the laminate, so it is necessary to do a trolley of the bottom of the oven so it equals the height of the bottom shelf, and then add welding butt rail, the advantage is that the conventional oven can be modified directly, it only needs to add a trolley and angle iron bottom shelf, the cost is relatively low, the oven does not need to be customized.
As shown in the diagram below:


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