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Commercial use of drying ovens with examples (4)

Drying ovens are primarily used to remove moisture from products in the environment and to control moisture in products in the environment and are widely used in commercial applications. The KYS series from Kenton laboratory can be supplemented with cooling systems on request to make it easier to remove moisture from products or the atmosphere in the drying mode.
Applications can be found in grain groups such as maize, which offers opportunities for value added animal feed products and potentially untapped areas due to low processing costs. Drying, dehydrating and processing beetroot into powder form is considered a high value food ingredient and health product, as is the drying and dehydration of root vegetables (e.g. potatoes).
Nuts, chestnuts and walnut products, the high moisture content of 27% in nuts means that a drying process is required to achieve a 4% sweet spot and to achieve optimum flavour, texture and crunch.
Chestnuts are a versatile product and can be dried for use in recipes. Walnuts are a more difficult product to handle and need to be dried in the shell after the green shell is removed and again when the flesh is removed from the shell to achieve the long shelf life required for a high quality, value added walnut product. the KYS series of drying ovens all provide a space for drying, preserving and dehydrating.
Drying solutions with refrigeration provide companies with a solution for products that need to be dried at lower temperatures, such as nuts, and the KYS series with refrigeration provides the precise control and uniform, constant temperatures needed to achieve higher quality products, whether you are making hay mixes and ground powders or making ingredients for the increasingly popular health food market.

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