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Commercial use of drying ovens with examples (3)

Drying ovens, also known as drying ovens, can be applied to experimental or commercial use, the main role is to reduce the water content of items or high temperature sterilisation, which is applied to a wide range of commercial uses, which are briefly described below.
Applied to meat and food, the KYS series of drying ovens manufactured by Kenton laboratory are equipped with multi-piece trays to provide convenience to the meat processing industry. Beef jerky, for example, and mass production is easy, creating a high quality, value-added jerky product for companies. Meat by-products and powders can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry, where beef by-products can aid research into human healing and health, including the thyroid, spinal cord and spleen.
Drying, dehydrating and preserving vegetables for less We have been using drying, dehydrating and preserving technologies to extend the shelf life of a wide range of fruits, nuts and vegetables, while maintaining their natural qualities. Now, with the use and flexibility of the KYS series specifically designed for this purpose, companies can use these traditional techniques to create more quality fruit and vegetable by-products at a much lower cost than standard chilled or frozen techniques. From dried vegetable chips to powdered food ingredients and nutraceuticals, for example, the KYS series of drying chambers provides a space to preserve, dry and dehydrate.
For companies or individuals who require pre-product testing and development, Kenton laboratory is happy to link your resources with our expertise to help you through the testing process, so to test the effect of your samples in our equipment, simply contact us or send samples to our facility and we can help you with your testing.

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