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Cooled incubator

Constant temperature biochemical incubator and microbial incubator are suitable for environmental protection, medical treatment, drug inspection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, agricultural and animal husbandry, aquatic products and other scientific research departments. Kenton biochemical incubator provides stable temperature, humidity, cooling and heating functions to meet the biological culture, preservation and testing.

Cooled incubator

SH biochemical incubator
biochemical incubator

Use analysis of the BOD determination of water, a constant equipment for environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, drug testing, livestock, aquaculture, scientific research and other production department.

It can provide a stable temperature environment, large temperature range with the function of cooling and heating, satisfy culture and preservation of cell, microbe,and plant growth test.

According to China pharmacopoeia requirements, AS3350 of Australia, FDA of the united states, ENICH and other related standards; For long-term acceleration experiments and forced degradation experiments.

  • 610×490×390 / 760×510×390 / 1100×510×450 / 1050×600×640(mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature + 0~65 °c
  • Intelligent control / over time alarm / timing / ultraviolet sterilization

Price $:1705.00~2911.00

biochemical incubator

SPX thermostatic biochemical incubator
thermostatic biochemical incubator

For environmental protection, medical, drug testing, health and epidemic prevention, livestock, aquaculture, scientific research and other production department. A special constant temperature equipment for the analysis of the BOD determination of water, bacteria, biochemical, microbiological culture protection, plant cultivation and breeding.

Cooled incubator with Cooling system. without fluorine R134a refrigerant, more energy saving and high efficiency.; reasonable air duct circulation system, ensure uniform temperature in the working room; adopt magnetic door seal, ensure excellent sealing and lighting device convenient to observe.

  • 500*400*320 / 580*450*380 / 800*500*380 / 1000*550*450(mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature + 0~65 °c
  • Stainless steel / intelligent digital control / over temperature alarm / timing / energy conservation and environmental protection / constant temperature

Price $:795.00~1170.00

thermostatic biochemical incubator

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