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kenton instrument constant temperature and humidity test Chamber, light incubator, Stability chamber,artificial climate Chamber products mainly for drug testing, electrical and electronic products aging test.

Light chamber

  • GZP light incubator
    light incubator

    Balanced refrigeration,automatic defrost,environmental protection without fluorineR134 refrigerant,LCD display,microcomputer intelligent PLD control,illumination five can be adjusted,built-in tempered glass viewing door.

    Applies to plant seed germination,seeding,bacteria,microbes,animals and insects feeding,product quality testing and other uses of light,constant temperature an ideal environment test equipment for such as biology,medicine,agriculture and animal husbandry,forestry,environmental science research departments.

    light incubator

  • LC thermostatic light incubator
    thermostatic light incubator

    Can simulate day and night illumination change and climatic conditions,to meet the multi- segment ladder programming control.

    Without fluorine balance refrigerant,automatic defrost,fan forced convection,imported temperature and humidity sensor,three-dimensional light source light even.

    Widely used in biological tissue,cell culture,seed germination,plant cultivation ,small animal and insect feeding.

    thermostatic light incubator

Stability chamber

  • KG comprehensive drug stability test chamber
    comprehensive drug stability test chamber

    create a scientific method for the evaluation of drug failure for a long time to stabilize the temperature, humidity and light environment,apply to pharmaceutical companies to the evaluation of drug and new drugs accelerated testing and long-term trials,high humidity test and strong light exposure test.

    comprehensive drug stability test chamber

  • KL light stability chamber
    light stability chamber

    Strong illumination stability test chamber for pharmaceutical companies to evaluation of drug failure,accelerated testing and long-term trials of special equipment.

    light stability chamber

  • KD drug stability test chamber
    drug stability test chamber

    Mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, biotechnology, food industry and other industries, the electronics industry and all including life sciences related industries with painstaking research. Is the pharmaceutical industry stability field of test system, the main simulation environment and climate in the temperature, light test.

    drug stability test chamber

Climatic chamber

  • RG intelligent climatic chamber
    intelligent climatic chamber

    simulate the day and night light changes and climate conditions, to meet the multi segment ladder programming controlled; can be long-term culture experiment.

    Suitable for biological tissue,cells culture,plantculture, small animals and insects feeding to use.

    intelligent climatic chamber

  • PQH climatic chamber
    climatic chamber

    Quality compressor with delay protection function;without fluorine refrigerant high efficient,more energy saving;built-in tempered glass viewing window and high -capacity intelligent humidification systems;unique air circulation to ensure uniform temperature.Simulate natural climate and environment,day and night, control temperature and humidity,is an ideal environment test equipment for such as biology,medicine,agriculture and animal husbandry,forestry,environmental science research departments.

    Suitable for plant cultivation and germination,seedling cultivation,bacteria,culture and preservation of microorganisms,small animals and insects feeding and so on.

    climatic chamber

Humidity chamber

  • WS humidity chamber
    humidity chamber

    LED large screen display working status at any time monitoring; adaptive control temperature constant; original imported temperature sensor to reduce the impact of temperature; high efficient isolation technology to ensure the consistency of indoor and outdoor;high security;CE certification.

    Stmulate various climatic conditions,especially used in samples tests,shelf life tests,long-term experiments and cultivation of plants,seeds and microorganisms.

    Suitable for scientific research,pharmaceutical,foodstuff,materials science,cosmetics,tobacco,microbe,chemical industry,electronics and other fields.

    humidity chamber

  • LRH humidity incubator
    humidity incubator

    without fluorine refrigerant system,reasonable air circulation system to ensure temperature uniformity; intelligent control to ensure constant and precision of temperature and humidity ; large capacity humidifying system; liner with lighting device.

    With constant temperature and humidity control function,it is a based equipment for environment protection,medical,drug testing,health and epidemic prevention,livestock,aquaculture and other scientific research and college departments.

    Recommended the use of biological engineering and water analysis,Industrial performance test field etc.

    humidity incubator

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